Sixpoint Resin is a sticky-bitter monster of an IPA

Craft Beer of the Week: New York’s Sixpoint Brewery put this monster of an India pale ale (9.1 percent alcohol by volume) into its year-round lineup in 2012, and it remains one of the most enjoyable IPAs in a very crowded market.

The packaging is appealing on store shelves — a hop-green “slim” can sold in four-packs — but the golden, juicy, bitter Resin tastes just as good on draft at a number of South Florida food establishments.

Resin is a great palate pick-me-up between bites of chef Phil Bryant’s fried catfish at The Local in Coral Gables, and it compliments the citrus acidity of tiradito at Finka Table & Tap in west Miami-Dade. 

Price: About $10 for a four-pack of cans at Whole Foods, Total Wine & More and other retailers. 

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