MLB star Miguel Cabrera channels his inner Wonka with new candy line

Slugger slash confectioner Miguel Cabrera celebrates the launch of Miggy's Bitbits
Slugger slash confectioner Miguel Cabrera celebrates the launch of Miggy's Bitbits
Star slugger Miguel Cabrera hosted an invite-only party last Thursday at Hard Rock Stadium to celebrate the South Florida launch of his new bite-sized chocolate candies – Miggy’s bitbits – and partnership with the Miami Dolphins.
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Cabrera, whose nickname is Miggy, got his start back in 1999 when he was signed as an amateur free agent by the then Florida Marlins, hitting his way through the minors to the majors where he’d eventually become part of the Marlins’ only World Series win in 2003. The current Detroit Tigers first baseman was the first in 45 seasons to claim the 17th Major League Baseball Triple Crown in 2012. All huge accomplishments, but this foray into Willy Wonkadom is Cabrera’s, er, sweetest victory yet.
Knowing of his penchant for sweets, Miggy Foods Chairman, Daniel Satine, presented the idea to Cabrera’s attention.
“Since the beginning I knew I wanted to be part of something fun,” Cabrera said. “I wanted a product that my family, friends and the community could all enjoy.”
So what is a bitbit, you ask? A cross between malted milk balls, a mini version of British-brand Malteasers and peanut M&Ms. They’re bite sized balls of rice crispies or peanuts covered in milk chocolate, white chocolate, or strawberry cheesecake. The chocolate covered peanuts are Cabrera’s fave. And no, you can’t just eat one. While there is no imminent partnership with the Miami Marlins, the one with the Dolphins  will expose over 2 million fans to the candy during the season.

“Another home run by Miguel Cabrera,” Satine cheered.