BREAKING: Hedy Goldsmith leaving The Genuine Hospitality Group, relocating to LA

It’s the end of an era at the Genuine Hospitality Group, where it has been just announced that pastry chef Hedy Goldsmith will be leaving the empire she helped build with chef Michael Schwartz to relocate to Los Angeles with her wife, Heidi Ladell, who is expanding her events branding company out there. The announcement, pun perhaps intended, was most definitely a bittersweet one. As for where, specifically Goldsmith is landing in LA, that’s to be determined.  A rep for Goldsmith tells us that “she wants to learn the market as LA is a huge, burgeoning food town.” An official Genuine Hospitality email said “While we all wish Hedy and Heidi the very best in California, we want them to know that they will be dearly missed here in Miami and specifically at The Genuine Hospitality Group.” 

“We’re all jealous because we all love LA, ” Schwartz told us. “I personally as a chef would not be where I am today without Hedy Goldsmith. She pushed me, inspired me and motivated me. I just tried to keep up with her. We’re gonna miss her to death.”

Details to follow as the story is developing . . .