Are these the best restaurants in South Florida?

The Capital Grille
The Capital Grille

With 3,741 voters weighing in on more than 600 South Florida restaurants, Zagat today released the results of its 2015 survey, with Zuma, La Brochette Bistro and Little Moir’s earning top ratings for food in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. 

Other interesting tidbits from the survey

* Capital Grille (pictured) received high marks for its service — ranked No. 1 in Broward and Palm Beach and No. 2 in Miami (behind Il Gabbiano). That’s especially impressive in South Florida, where diners cited poor service as their biggest pet peeve.

* Farm-to-table is still a winning buzzword for South Florida diners, 59 percent of whom reported they “love it” and only 5 percent of whom say they’re “over it.” 

* Nose-to-tail, however, is out. Only 5 percent of South Florida survey respondents said they love eating offal and whole-animal cookery; 47 percent say they’re over it.

* Bacon and kale are two food trends we’re eager to see fade away.

* Brussels sprouts and beets? We’re still really into them.  

* We love Italian: It’s our favorite cuisine (27 percent), followed by American, Seafood and a tie for French, Japanese and Steakhouses. 

* We’re old-school: South Florida diners prefer the phone (53 percent) to the Internet (40 percent) as a means to make restaurant reservations. Nationally, 61 percent of diners book online while only 32 percent rely on phone reservations. 

* We’re difficult: 92 percent of us have sent a dish back to the kitchen (national average: 85 percent), 34 percent have slipped the host cash for faster service (national average: 17 percent), and 8 percent have walked out on a meal without paying (national average: 4 percent).