Swoon! A hunky soccer star just became part owner of this Miami Beach restaurant.

Cristiano Ronaldo joins Enrique Iglesias and Rafael Nadal in ownership of TATEL.
Cristiano Ronaldo joins Enrique Iglesias and Rafael Nadal in ownership of TATEL.

South Beach’s TATEL, the high profile Spanish restaurant located at the now shuttered Ritz-Carlton South Beach, has just added a huge name to its stellar roster of owners: soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The restaurant, which has its own entrance and valet at 1669 Collins Avenue, remains totally separate from the hotel.

Ronaldo joins Enrique Iglesias, Antonio Spurs player Pau Gasol, and tennis titan Rafael Nadal as a co-owner of the restaurant which has also added new menu items as well. Among them, according to Executive Chef

Nicolas Mazier are tender grilled Colorado lamb chops, seared “Yesso” scallops, which hail from Japan and are served with sautéed vegetables. Also try the Spanish Carabineros, oversized gambas served with avocado.  Mazier also added Salpicón, a light seafood ceviche with mussels, shrimp, and octopus which he says is “perfect for the Miami climate.”

TATEL also introduces grilled red snapper Bilbaína style, a dish Chef Mazier says, “preserves the delicate flavor of the red snapper.” It is prepared in a traditional Basque style of cooking called “a la bilbaína,” a savory combo of olive oil, garlic, chili pepper, and a touch of age balsamic vinegar. “This blends seamlessly with the red snapper without overpowering it,”  Mazier says.

The expanding restaurant group opened a third location in Ibiza in spring 2017 and has plans for two more locations stateside, one in Los Angeles in Spring of 2018 and one in Philadelphia that will open towards the end of 2018.