Construction snuffs out B&S Gastropub in Dadeland

Jorgie Ramos, chef-owner of the popular B&S Gastropub in Dadeland (9059 SW 73rd Ct.), says he was prepping for dinner service Tuesday when paint chips and concrete dust began to rain on him.

 “They started cutting holes in our ceiling,” Ramos says. “All the food we had prepped for tonight has a 1/4-inch of s— on it.” 

Ramos informed his staff at 5:30 p.m.: The restaurant is shut down. It will not open for service tonight or the foreseeable future. 

“We’re closing right now,” he tells “It’s the worst thing. We built this restaurant from scratch.”

B&S opened in summer 2013 to critical acclaim as Barley & Swine, changing its name to avoid a conflict with Austin, Texas, gastropub Barley Swine. This month, Ramos has been dealing with construction issues stemming from repairs being done to the condominium where B&S rents space on the ground floor, as Eater and New Times have reported.   

First, scaffolding obscured B&S’ entrance, windows and signage. Then, construction blocked B&S’ exhaust system, causing the restaurant to fill with smoke, Ramos says.  

“It’s gotten to the point where we just can’t run a restaurant here anymore,” he says.

Lawyers are involved, and Ramos says he’s weighing his options — including opening a sandwich shop — while an inevitable legal tussle plays out. 

“We got a good offer to move B&S to another spot around here,” he says. “Or I might open up a craft sandwich concept I’ve been thinking about.

“I know something good will come out of this. But right now, I just can’t believe it.”