Giorgio Rapicavoli’s Taperia Raca sold, closed

Giorgio Rapicavoli and Alex Casanova announce the immediate sale and closure of Taperia Raca, the bohemian Spanish tapas restaurant and wine bar, open since March 2014 at 7010 Biscayne Boulevard. Fret not–the two are looking for a new home.


“We simply received an offer for the location that we could not turn down,” explains Casanova. “We are passionate about the concept and excited to find Raca a new home.”


Taperia Raca’s recently appointed chef de cuisine Michelle Saavedra, will take her talents over to sister restaurant Eating House to head up lunch, and eventually dinner service, while Eating House chef de cuisine Adriana Egozcue and Rapicavoli work on their next big thing, likely launching early next year. Much of the remaining Raca crew, who originally hailed from Eating House, will return to the Shake and Bake Hospitality’s flagship restaurant as well.

Eating House, incidentally, will be closed for two weeks this fall, from Monday, Oct. 20 – Sunday, Nov. 2, 2014, and will open back up for lunch service, Monday, Nov. 3, 2014.

“Eating House is getting a little work done,” states Rapicavoli about the temporary closure, “and we thought it a great chance to give staff some well-deserved time off.”