Tobacco Road closing its doors for good October 25

After almost 102 years, Tobacco Road, Miami’s oldest bar, is closing on October 25 with  plans to eventually relocate to another space.

Talent booker Eric Garcia tells us that owner Patrick Gleber got the staff together and said, “with a really heavy heart,” that because of extenuating circumstances, the place was shutting down sooner than expected. 

Tobacco Road was guaranteed to remain at its landmark location through May of 2015. After that Gleber said there were plans to relocate. 

“We thought we’d stay until at least April,” Garcia said. “Relocation will definitely happen, there will be a new Tobacco Road,” he said, “but it won’t be the same.”

Although there were plans for anniversary shows, Phish after parties in January and final closing parties, Garcia says, “We’re gonna push the stuff up and compact it. Me and [fellow talent booker] Oski [Gonzalez] will try to have a band every day. If you want to play one last show at Tobacco Road–that sort of thing. We’ll just blow it out for the rest of the month.”