Miami Spice review: Soul Tavern

The hemp crusted edamame cakes at Soul Tavern.
The hemp crusted edamame cakes at Soul Tavern.

What we had: What better time to try Sunset Harbour’s new vegetarian restaurant than post-yoga? Well, that’s exactly what I did with a friend on a recent evening, opting to start with hemp-crusted edamame cakes served with black tahini, fennel, green apple, celery root and pomegranate. They’re like a fresh take on falafel and quite delicious paired with crunchy, fresh vegetables and fruit. I slurped down a hearty bowl of ramen, made with gluten-free yam noodles, mushrooms and veggies. It hit the spot. I also loved the dessert: a fire-roasted strawberry cobbler made with crispy oats and served over mint-calamansi granite. The flavors and textures were complex and satisfying. It turns out that the price of those three items on the regular menu add up to exactly $39, so like many Miami Spice menus, you’re not exactly getting a discount.

Who Should Go: As the evening wore on, the who’s-who of South Beach locals who frequent other hip spots like Sweet Liberty and Basement started filling in. So if you count yourself among them, you should go.

1801 West Ave., South Beach; 305-925-0799;