What's the Best? 5 Supreme Sausages

Hot dogs and hamburgers get all the glory on grilling holidays like Labor Day. Spice up your cookout with some of Miami’s best sausages. Here are our five favorites: 

1. Free Range Rabbit: With morel mushroom sauce and fried leeks. $15. 

The Mighty, 2224 SW 22nd St., Miami. 


2. The Proper: Berkshire pork, sage, black pepper and mace. $12 a pound.

Proper Sausages, 9722 NE Second Ave., Miami Shores. 


3. Hot Italian: A classic, with or without peppers. $9 a pound.

Laurenzo’s Italian Center, 16445 W. Dixie Hwy., North Miami Beach.


4. Smoked Polish: Mustard seeds, marjoram and garlic, served on a soft pretzel. $10.

The Butcher Shop, 165 NW 23rd St., Miami.


5. Dracula: Sweet Italian sausage with Buffalo sauce, sauerkraut and onions. $9.

House of Dog, 456 W. 41st St., Miami Beach.