What’s the Best? 5 Excellent Miami Restaurants

Restaurant Michael Schwartz / Miami Herald photo
Restaurant Michael Schwartz / Miami Herald photo

Miami Herald food critics haven’t awarded a 4-star (exceptional) restaurant review since February 2013 (Khong River House). This week’s 3.5-star (excellent) review of Oolite puts the Miami Beach restaurant in strong company. Besides Oolite, here are the five restaurants that most recently earned 3.5 stars. 

1. The Forge “is like a classic movie you relish revisiting.” July. 

432 41st St., Miami Beach. 305-538-8533,

2. Josh’s Deli “is refreshingly un-trendy, putting out some of the very best food of its kind.” June.

9517 Harding Ave., Surfside. 305-397-8494,

3. Traymore “presents food that is appealing and approachable.” May. 

2445 Collins Ave., Miami Beach (Metropolitan by COMO). 305-695-3600,

4. Michael Mina 74 “is a must on any food aficionado’s checklist.” January. 

4441 Collins Ave. (Fontainebleau), Miami Beach. 305-674-4636,

5. Restaurant Michael Schwartz “accomplishes the rare hotel-restaurant feat of appealing to locals as well as tourists.” November ’13. 

1775 Collins Ave. (The Raleigh), Miami Beach. 305-612-1163,