Brew in Miami: 360 beers and a 'Gal' beer blogger

Brew in Miami: Guests Liz Hecht, aka Crafty Cable Gal, and Gustavo Aires of Beer 360 in Sunny Isles Beach. 

Beer Story: Pour hard. That’s the instruction that comes with Milk Stout Nitro bottles from Colorado’s Left Hand Brewing Co. Bottled with nitrogen gas, the dark-brown brew can withstand a straight-on pour into a glass, as opposed to an angled tilt best employed with other bottled beers. The result will be a lovely cascading head that looks like a properly poured pint of Guinness. Watch Hecht demonstrate a hard pour in this week’s Brew in Miami

Pairing: Milk Stout is brewed with lactose sugar, which gives it a slightly creamy, sweet edge. It’s easy to pair with chocolate desserts, but the stout’s heavy roast notes make it a prime candidate for grilled meats, too. Try it with the top-sirloin picanha steak at Beer 360, 18090 Collins Ave., in Sunny Isles Beach.