Brew in Miami: Belgian beer stars at Bistro BE

Brew in Miami: This week’s episode features Philippe Walschaerts, general manager of the new Bistro BE at 1111 SW First Ave. in Miami’s Brickell district. Bistro BE (BE is the country code for Belgium) is all about Belgian food and Belgian beer, including pairings that go way beyond mussels, frites and pilsners.  

Beer Story: Our craft beer of the week is Belgium’s Saison Dupont, a gorgeously straw-color, hazy brew that has an earthy, spicy top note brought forward by highly active carbonation. A slightly fruity, bitter finish rounds out this complex and endlessly enjoyable ale.

Pairing: Belgian beer begs to be paired with Belgian food. Try Saison Dupont with market-fresh vegetable stew at Bistro BE. The beer serves as a perfect foil for the rich, hearty stew.