Big shucking scallops at Oceanaire in Miami this weekend

The Oceanaire
The Oceanaire

The world’s largest species of scallop — Alaskan weathervanes — will be on a special five-course menu at Miami’s Oceanaire Seafood Room from Friday through Sunday.

The restaurant’s Alaska-focused dinner also features king crab, halibut and wild salmon caught in and around the Bering Sea.  Paired with wines, the meal is $85 a person. 

From Oceanaire: “Fishermen catch, shuck, clean, size-sort, box and rapid-deep-freeze the Alaska Weathervane within four short hours of capture. This process locks in the Weathervane’s natural sweet flavor and delicate texture for scallop aficionados to enjoy around the world, from the remote pristine icy waters of Alaska. These scallops are not soaked in water nor combined with any chemicals in processing.”

Call 305-372-8862 for reservations.