Burger Beast found some of Miami’s best burgers hidden in the most unexpected places

The Fish House of Miami is one place to find an unexpectedly great burger.
The Fish House of Miami is one place to find an unexpectedly great burger.
May is National Burger Month and’s guest writer, the Burger Beast, is your guide this month to all things burger related.
Have you ever walked into a restaurant that specializes in anything but the glorious burger, yet they give it the love and respect it deserves? They do exist.
One of the last things you’d consider ordering at these restaurants is a burger. But they’ve all crafted some beauties. Next time you’re at a spot you wouldn’t expect to find a great burger, but one is on the menu, take a chance on it.
It might become one of your favorites.

A-Mari-Mix Fresh Mex Fusion

A Mari Mix
The Amari Burger at A-Mari-Mix

A-Mari-Mix is Westchester’s best kept secret.

I absolutely love the menu filled with Mexican- Cuban-inspired dishes. The last thing I expected to find here was an incredible burger. You need to be able to handle some heat to really enjoy this one. If you’re a chili head, you can ask them to kick up the burn level.
The Burger: Amari Burger (all-beef burger topped with cheese, grilled jalapeños, onions, lettuce, tomato, raw onion, pink and arbol sauce.)


9700 SW 24th St d, Miami

The Fish House of Miami

Fish House Miami
The Fish House of Miami is one place to find an unexpectedly great burger.

I’m not much of a seafood eater, but on occasion I do dabble in shrimp and lobster dishes.

Ironically enough, my go-to dish at the Fish House is their blackened chicken on garlic cream linguini (if you ate at Cami’s back in the day, it’s the same recipe), but there’s also a burger section on the menu.

The Burger: Southern Pride Burger (half pound of Black Angus beef burger topped with bacon, cheese & sautéed onions). It’s a nice, bulky and beefy patt,  which hits on all cylinders when you add sautéed onions.


10000 SW 56th St #41, Miami

Ms. Cheezious

Ms Cheezious
Patty melt at Ms. Cheezious

When you think of Ms. Cheezious, you conjure images in your head of ooey gooey melty sandwiches. When I daydream of Ms. Cheezious, I imagine their patty melt jumping an old country fence over and over in quick succession. I don’t need a psychologist to tell I’m infatuated with this sammy. I’m a major chorizo and pimento cheese fanboy, so that helps too.

The Burger: Patty Melt (6 ounce patty covered with housemade chorizo, pimento cheese and house-cured bacon on sourdough bread)

NOTE: Locations in Coral Gables and MiMo


1915 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Coral Gables

Sparky's Roadside BBQ

Sparkys Roadside BBQ
The half-pound Angus burger at Sparky's Roadside BBQ.

As soon as you step into Sparky’s, you’re enveloped in smokey goodness. Next step is to look over the menu and make the tough decision: Do you get the brisket plate or a smoked half chicken? Are you doing mashed potatoes as your side or collard greens?

Before you make your mind up I implore you try the burger. It reminds me of the best backyard grilled burger cooked by my uncle (or yours) I’ve ever had.

The Burger: A half pound Angus Beef burger (you need to do it up with cheese and bacon)

204 NE 1st St, Miami

Stephen's Restaurant and New York Style Deli

Stephen’s Reastaurant Hialeah
The half-pound burger at Stephen's is best had topped with pastrami.

I’m gonna assume you’re not familiar with Stephen’s.

It’s been serving New York style deli favorites in Hialeah since 1954. In other words, there’s killer Reuben and hand-cut pastrami sandwiches to be had here. Stephen’s classic patty melt is also one of my favorites but you won’t go wrong if you choose the regular burger. Here’s a pro tip: Ask for some pastrami to top your burger and you’ll be the belle of the ball.

The Burger: The half-pound hamburger comes with lettuce, tomato and onion, which I’d skip out on. Make sure to add bacon and cheese, and some of that pastrami.


1000 E 16th St, Hialeah