Miami’s Burger expert tells you where to eat during National Burger Month

Night at the Museum Dinners will feature retro-inspired elevated dinners at the Burger Museum at the Magic City Casino.
Night at the Museum Dinners will feature retro-inspired elevated dinners at the Burger Museum at the Magic City Casino.

Editor’s note: Yes, believe it or not, May is National Burger Month. So let Miami’s own Burger Beast be your guide every Monday in May for the ins and outs — and the dos and don’ts — with a little history sprinkled in. – Carlos Frías, food editor

It really shouldn’t surprise you that the humble burger has an entire month to celebrate its gloriousness.

If you’ve been following me on my blog and social media (@BurgerBeast) for the last nine years then you know I’m all about the local love. I even built a museum to the hamburger here in Miami.

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The burger is worth celebrating. So here are five things you can do during National Burger Month to honor America’s favorite food.

2. Find a hidden gem

South Florida is rich with Burger history from Miami’s original Burger chain Royal Castle (founded in 1938) to its mastodon Burger King (originally called Insta Burger King).

Need some help with deciding? Hit up Burger Bob’s, a little-known spot at the the Granada Golf Course in Coral Gables and order a patty melt.

2001 Granada Blvd., Coral Gables

4. Attend a burger bash

Every National Burger Month, there’s a great burger competition (shameless plug) called the Hamburger House Party at Magic City Casino on May 26. It’s 21-and-over and tickets cost $40 a person, and you get to try 20 of South Florida’s best burger spots — all handpicked by me.

There are Judge’s and People’s Choice winners. You won’t find better burger bites in South Florida — though you may need a few days to recover afterwards.

5. Make your own

Go to your local grocer and get some really great ground beef. Not sure what exactly to get? When in doubt look for your meat to be 80 percent lean, 20 percent fat. It’s the gold standard. Ask the butcher to grind it fresh for you rather than buying prepackaged ground beef. It’ll taste fresher.

Then size your burger patties to your own liking. Make it a grillin’ party and invite your friends and family (plus me) over.

Remember to not fuss over the patties. Don’t flip them more than once. Also, hit them with kosher salt and cracked pepper for seasoning on both sides, and you’re good.

On second thought, convince your good friend to do it at his or her house and you don’t need to worry about clean up.