Executive Chef Wanted: E. Michael Reidt out at Area 31

Cosmetic renovations aren’t the only changes being made at sustainable seafood hotspot Area 31. Executive Chef E. Michael Reidt is parting ways with the place in early June, confirms a publicist. Executive sous chef Michael Bloise isn’t taking over, per se, but will oversee and execute the restaurant’s terrace menu while the dining room goes under the knife. In the meantime, the restaurant is looking for an executive chef to carry the restaurant’s culinary torch. A new menu, new look and, hopefully new chef, will debut sometime in August.  As for Reidt, whom we heard was planning to do a series of pop ups around the globe this summer, we’re told that things at the restaurant just didn’t work out. “He was very unprofessional with managers, vendors and staff,” says a kitchen mole who added, “He was a total wild card.” As for why Bloise isn’t going to assume the position of EC, the publicist says she isn’t sure as she hasn’t been part of the discussions, while an insider surmises “He may not want it. It’s a big job that encompasses not just the restaurant, but the entire hotel.”