STK Miami closed for a "disco nap"

When our colleague Sara Liss alerted via Twitter that it “Looks like no longer has a “stk” in the Gansevoort, er Perry South Beach,” we were more surprised that the restaurant was still open in that ghastly construction mess formerly known as the Gansevoort, the Perry South Beach and, not soon, but as of early 2014, to be known as 1 Hotel and Residences. According to STK’s Facebook page, the restaurant is not saying sayonara to South Beach, but will be opening in a new space sometime in the fall. Taking a “disco nap” is how they put it.

We contacted the One Group to find out where that new location is. China Grill, perhaps? Just kidding. PR reps say the restaurant is moving to a new space on Collins and 23rd Street.  Eden–er, Tosca, perhaps? Not so much. Tosca’s still “very much open,” says publicist Alexis Knapp, who says there is an STK connection, however, in the form of Tosca’s Executive Chef Matthew Oetting, who was one of STK Miami’s chefs de cuisine for over a year.