Is the Cuban sandwich pizza any good? We tried it to find out.

Cuban sandwich pizza - a marvel or a monstrosity?
Cuban sandwich pizza - a marvel or a monstrosity?

Meat. Cheese. Vegetable. The pizza has all the ordinary toppings.

But it’s not ordinary. It’s the result of a partnership between Versailles Cuban restaurant and Harry’s Pizzeria and Genuine Pizza to concoct a Cubano Pizza.

This creation consists of the innards of a Cuban sandwich — roasted pork, cured ham, mustard sauce, bread-and-butter pickles and fontina and gruyere cheese (instead of traditional Swiss) — on a pizza. In other words, meat, cheese and vegetable (and crust).

The pizza, being served at Harry’s Pizzeria restaurants in the Design District, Downtown Dadeland, Coconut Grove and Aventura Mall, spawned some skeptical comments on Facebook after wrote about it.

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“This is an abomination,” wrote one Facebook commentator, days before anyone aside from the chefs actually tasted the thing.

“I am hoping for a hospital nearby to treat the heart attack after eating it, better yet, I will pass. Not brave enough!” wrote another.

Not everyone objected. “I want this!!” wrote one hungry commenter.

I too wanted it. And I had it on Monday at the Downtown Dadeland location.

The verdict? It’s good. The pickles and mustard sauce give the pizza a tangy kick. The centerpiece, a single croqueta, is a nice bonus. After all, who doesn’t love croquetas?

One croqueta, by the way, is more than enough. Any more than that would make this a croqueta pizza. Not that we wouldn’t eat that, too. But this is something else.

I do have a few complaints. I would have wished for more cheese. That layer had a nice flavor but was rather sparse. I wouldn’t have objected to a more liberal hand with the roasted pork and cured ham pieces. In other words, load it up with more of everything, please.

Will the Cubano Pizza — which feeds two for $16 — replace the more traditional pepperoni, onion and green pepper options I usually opt for at other places? No. Would I have it again? Sure. Harry’s Pizzeria is onto something here.