COYO Taco opens in Brickell today

COYO Taco opens a Brickell location Tuesday
COYO Taco opens a Brickell location Tuesday

A little bit of Wynwood is coming to Brickell — and it’s stuffed inside a taco.

The popular Wynwood taqueria, COYO Taco, opens a second location today, two blocks south of Mary Brickell Village. The menu is similar to the Wynwood original, complete with duck carnitas and quinoa tacos for the vegetarian lovers. But COYO includes a couple new items, such as grouper and lobster tacos and a crispy octopus taco with aji amarillo, inspired by chef Scott Linquist‘s Peru travels.

A speakeasy in the back of the Wynwood location, through a door marked for employees only, is its delightfully worst-kept secret. But patrons who test the Brickell location’s back doors will likely end up in the kitchen, a spokesperson said.

Instead, the Brickell location streams live music from its venue behind the Wynwood location.