MiMo's The Federal will close for a week, reopen with new name, concept

The new Fed will offer more vegan, vegetarian options
The new Fed will offer more vegan, vegetarian options

The popular restaurant The Federal Food, Drink & Provisions will close from May 9-16, after Mother’s Day dinner, and reopen with a new “clean eating” menu, decor and name: Simply The Fed.

To reflect its Miami Modern neighborhood, the Fed says it will offer a larger selction of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and paleo dishes and go awy from heavier, comfort food. The menu will focus on more affordable, family-style, sharable plates and a selection of hand-pressed and baked tostadas (Mexican-style sandwiches), vegan veggie bowls and chef Cesar Zapata’s interpretation of fajitas. Prices will be between $8 to $14.

They will, however, keep their diet-busting weekend brunch.

“The weekends are more carefree and meant for indulging,” Zapata said.

There also will be more dishes reflective of Zapata’s Texas background: smoked meats, chiles, and Southwest flavors. The husband and wife team of Aniece Meinhold and Zapata were named among the Miami Herald’s Food 50.

“The food and techniques that excite me today are different from what excited me when I first opened The Federal,” Zapata said. “We have grown alongside our guests and our peers. Our lifestyles are different now. It’s healthier and cleaner. Our new menu will reflect this.”