Zak the Baker closed, reopens Friday

Zak the Baker fans: Get your bread today, while it lasts.

The Kosher Jewish bakery is closing for Passover, from Friday through April 30, as is the religious custom. 

ZTB Tribal Holiday Farewell to pastry, farewell to bread. It's that time of year where we close up shop, shake the flour off our boots, and run away. Closed April 22 – April 30 Pictured: Paillasson , pastry development for new menu by @maximerossetto

A photo posted by Zak The Baker (@zakthebaker) on Apr 21, 2016 at 7:20am PDT

Lines at the home-grown Wynwood bakery were around the corner Thursday, as Jewish as well as gentile families purchased bread for one last meal with his crusty bread before the holiday.

In the Jewish tradition bread leavened with yeast is not consumed during Passover. And to remain certified Kosher, the bakery must close on all Jewish holidays.

“I don’t mind it and neither do my employees, being with their families,” owner Zak Stern joked as he prepared to board a plane for California for the holiday with his family, while his staff held down the bakery.

Fans of ZTB already know the bakery is closed on Saturdays as Kosher rules require. That means the bakery loses out on Wynwood’s highest traffic day.

“It’s not because we don’t think there’s good business Saturday,” Stern said. “”But that’s what it means to be a Kosher bakery.”