Blue Collar restaurant hosting 2016 Matzo Chase - a scavenger hunt in Miami

Whether you celebrate Passover or not, Blue Collar’s Danny Serfer is inviting the entire city of Miami to help celebrate the story of the Jewish peoples’ Exodus with the 2016 Blue Collar Matzo Chase.

Serfer and his staff are hiding cardboard matzos all over town. You go and find ’em and win prizes.

On the morning of Monday, April 25, Blue Collar will tweet out a photo and riddle to help those searching for the afikoman — three matzos traditionally set aside and hidden during Seders usually to be found by competitive kids looking for cash prizes.

Townsfolk who find Serfer’s matzos should reply to @BlueCollarMiami on Twitter with a unique hashtag written on the matzo and a photo of themselves with the location.

Prizes will include a $50 gift card to Blue Collar (a far cry from the few bucks some kids get!) , t-shirts and Heroes of the Torah commemorative glassware.

“As a kid, finding the afikomen is what kept Passover interesting,” Serfer says. “I have two sisters who always beat me to it. This time, I’m hiding the matzo and not just in the living room.”