BTW closing in South Beach to make way for Spring Chicken

BTW is closing Oct. 16 on Alton Road to make room for Spring Chicken by 50 Eggs Inc.
BTW is closing Oct. 16 on Alton Road to make room for Spring Chicken by 50 Eggs Inc.

Get your fill of burgers, tacos and whiskies under one roof before Friday, when Miami-based restaurant group 50 Eggs Inc. will close its fast-casual BTW at 1439 Alton Rd.  

50 Eggs CEO John Kunkel says the space won’t be empty long: He plans to open a branch of his new Spring Chicken there before the end of the year. It is the third Spring Chicken he has planned, after one opening this fall by the University of Miami in Coral Gables and another soon after at Miami International Airport. 

The short-lived BTW (Burger, Taco, Whiskey) opened in February with Michelin-starred chef Danny Grant, who parted ways with the 50 Eggs group the following month. In May, 50 Eggs closed the well-regarded Khong River House on Lincoln Road, and Kunkel has said he is looking to relocate it. 

BTW’s 1439 Alton Rd. address is the former home of the first Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, a fast-casual brand Kunkel founded. He retained ownership of that Lime location after selling the chain for $24 million to Ruby Tuesday in 2012.

“The property has a special place in my heart as it helped launch Lime and ultimately 50 Eggs,” Kunkel says to 

And his plans for the space go beyond the new Spring Chicken. Kunkel teases that he has partnered with “an amazing brand” from Chicago to set up shop in a former home just east of Lime/BTW/Spring Chicken, and he has another new concept in store for the space just north of 1439 Alton Rd. 

“While BTW was a ton of fun, it was always meant to be a temporary concept until we could relaunch the entire property,” Kunkel says. “More info to follow on the two new neighbors, but get ready for Spring Chicken on the beach before year’s end. The other two tenants will launch after the new year.” 

Evan S. Benn is Miami Herald food editor: @EvanBenn