This Miami ‘milkshake lab’ is using leftover ingredients to make really decadent desserts

Face it: You are not working on your beach body. Time to double down on calories at a place that is not here for Miami’s dieters, downtown Miami pop-up concept Shake That: Milkshake Lab.

Popping within Freshko Gourmet, 228 SE 1st St., at 6 p.m. on Thursday, July 26 with free tastings, Shake That will remain there until late September.

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The idea for the pop-up emerged after two “gastronomy-impassioned clients” approached Freshko owner Alex Karavias “with a pop-up idea to cater to the heat of the summer as well as eliminating wastage by using ingredients already in use at Freshko.”

So it’s not only deelish, it’s eco-friendly because the recipes incorporate ingredients that might have gone to waste. The concept is simple, they say: artisan milkshakes served unpretentiously as opposed to the more obnoxious versions served elsewhere.

The menu currently features four permanent offerings. Take a look:

Banana Caramel

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Nutella Tiramisu


Miami Heat



This milkshake is better than yours.

Shake That will also offer limited-offer Lab Test creations based on preferences an feedback from consumers.

Please, people, keep it palatable. No kimchi milkshakes or anything funky like that, please.


Shake That: Milkshake Lab inside Freshko Gourmet, 228 SE 1st St., Miami

228 SE 1st St., Miami