Say adios to this beloved high end Mexican restaurant, Brickell

This is the guac of LEGEND.
This is the guac of LEGEND.

When Rosa Mexicano opened its first Miami location at Mary Brickell Village in August 2007, people were totally good with paying a million dollars for the guac. It was tableside and it was actually really good. And we’re also only kidding about the million dollars. The guacamole en molcajete was only about $15.


But the place was so good that in 2011, Rosa opened its second Miami location at the swanky 1111 Lincoln Road building-slash-garage, where the million-dollar guac was served to throngs of tourists and locals alike.

Fast forward to 2018 and we find that Rosa Mexicano in Brickell is shuttering. And despite reports of the Lincoln Road location being closed, the rep says nope, it’s “very much open.”

In a statement, a rep for Rosa Mexicano explained why they shuttered the Brickell restaurant: “We closed that location due to the expiration of our lease at the property.  We know that the closure of that site was disappointing to those in that community although we have encouraged them to enjoy Rosa Mexicano’s cuisine that we offer at our South Beach location. We were founded by Josefina Howard in 1984 at a time when most Americans had never experienced authentic Mexican cuisine. 34 years later we are glad to be able to make her dishes available at our 11 locations.”

Million dollar guac for all! But you gotta cross the MacArthur Causeway to get it.