Brickell’s favorite street tacos are coming to Miami Beach

Everybody who loves tacos: it’s time to rejoice. One of Brickell’s favorite Mexican spots is branching out.

Pilo’s Street Tacos, a Brickell favorite, is opening a new location in Miami Beach. What’s it bringing to the beach? Among other menu items, its famous al pastor tacos with thinly sliced pork, roasted in a slow-turning Mexican trompo and garnished with pineapple.

You’ll also see favorites like the El Rey (chargrilled brisket strips with cilantro and chopped white onions) and La Frida (a flour tortilla sandwich with marinated pork and melted queso).

And don’t worry – those homemade salsas, like the La Dulce salsa with farm-to-table fresh raw green tomatillos, honey and avocado, will be there, too.


“Pilo’s was born out of a longing for authentic Mexican street food,” says Derek Gonzalez, who opened Pilo’s Street Tacos in Brickell. “I craved the tacos you could only find on the streets of Mexico. I am a first generation Mexican-American . . . my first stop off the plane is always to eat tacos with my family.”

The new Pilo’s opens at 1216 Washington Ave. in Miami Beach on Aug. 14. The store arrives just as Taquiza, another Mexican favorite in Miami Beach, is closing.  Taquiza opened a location in North Beach earlier this year and owner Steve Santana says he hopes to open a new South Beach location by the end of the year.

We will eat the hell out of these taquitos with some La Dulce salsa.