These delicious, tiny pies are making their way to Wynwood

Pink Pie makes sweet and savory little pies about three inches wide.
Pink Pie makes sweet and savory little pies about three inches wide.

Whether you prefer sweet or savory, Pink Pie is here for you, Miami.

Husband-and-wife team Michael McGowan and Paloma Machado-McGowan, who run the popular Pink Pie shop inside Hollywood’s Yellow Green Market, are opening a new location at 170 NW 26th St. in Wynwood.

What’s on the menu? The stars of the show are tiny pies, about three inches wide. The shop will feature nine sweet options and three savory options at all times. Some flavors will stay on a permanent menu, and others will shift around according to the season.

Permanent flavors include Oreo Nutella, Key Lime, Guava Cheese, Salted Caramel and vegan and gluten free Coconut Dulce de Leche. Limited edition flavors include Passion Fruit, Chocolate Cream, Sweet Corn and Pistachio for summer and Pumpkin Cookie Butter, Maple Bacon and Pecan and Cranberry Mascarpone for fall.

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There’s even a S’mores pie, smoked with hickory wood and topped with burnt marshmellows so you can have the true, burned-over-the-campfire s’mores experience. Sign us up.

Savory pies – which also include Five Onion and Duck Confit – cost $3. For sweet pies, the price drops the more you order ($3 for one, two for $5, four for $9.50). You want enough 18 sweet little pies? That’ll set you back $40.

Also on the menu are “pies-cream sandwiches” (two pies with a scoop of ice cream between). Sounds good if a little bit sloppy. There are also milkshakes in many of the pie flavors – probably not duck confit – plus coffee, tea, craft beer and wine.

The shop, which will also sell Pink Pie tote bags, T shirts and other retail items, is set to open in September.

S’mores Pie
The S'mores Pie is our goal. JC Through The Lens