This 20-year-old Lincoln Road hot spot is closing. But don’t freak out, it will be back

'Fredo's getting a facelift
'Fredo's getting a facelift

Update 9/18/2018: Segafredo on Lincoln Road was slated to open on Sept. 18. Now the opening date is rescheduled for Sept. 26. 

The year was 2000 and South Beach was still riding high on its status as a sizzling sandbox of celeb-saturated clubs, bars and restaurants. There was Level, Bar Room, and The Living Room and even the bar at the Marlin Hotel where the likes of Martha Stewart and Bono boozed it up to a reggae soundtrack. There was, and always will be The News Cafe, but Ocean Drive was and is, well, Ocean Drive.

For the locals, however, there was still nothing like the cafe society on Lincoln Road, perhaps best defined by Segafredo, the Italian-accented, jet setty juxtaposition between tourists and visitors looking for drinks, snacks, Hotel Costes soundtracks and maybe a cute European to talk to. Celebs, meh. Maybe, but, unlike the rest of town, it wasn’t about that.

Fast forward to today, and ‘Fredo, while a little older and wiser, is still around and refuses to become that senior citizen who tells war stories to anyone who will listen.

After nearly two decades on Lincoln Road, Segafredo has closed.  But don’t worry, the Lincoln Road cafe will be shuttered for only a week (or so).  Closed through September 18, Segafredo’s owners are promising a “new and improved” version of the original that they say will be worth the wait.

Sprucing up two years ahead of its unprecedented 20th anniversary, Segafredo will reemerge all freshened up.

“Segafredo Lincoln Road is approaching its 20th birthday, which is cause for celebration, indeed,” says Graziano Sbroggio, Founder/Owner of Graspa Group and Co-Owner of Segafredo. “In honor of our 20th anniversary, we’re working on a new look, a new design, a new food menu, a new cocktail menu, a new attitude, a new vibe.”

Fans of the original shouldn’t fret. “We’ll stay true to the iconic brand and original concept, with a twist. The updated Segafredo Lincoln Road will be a mashup of old South Beach fabulous and new South Beach fabulous. South Beach has changed and so must we. Stay tuned. The best is yet to come.”

Sounds vague, but swell–as long as that best doesn’t include electric-lit, nitrogen spewed, candy colored cocktails served in fish bowls, mmmkay?