5 Miami drinks that taste way better than a pumpkin spice latte

The cult is celebrating early this year. Starbucks has released its pumpkin spice, and its fevered acolytes are ecstatic. Even if it’s not Labor Day yet and still hot AF in these streets.

Here in Miami, though, do we care? Not really. Sure, some fanatics will head to Starbucks – maybe even the one with the ventanita in Coral Gables – and Instagram the hell out of their drinks. And we have to admit, any beverage that has its own Twitter account must have something going for it.

But overall we’re much happier with our own beverages, thank you very much. Here are five Miami drinks we prefer to a pumpkin spice latte. And that’s not even counting mojitos.

Any random cafe con leche

The cafe con leche from Amelia's 305 will make you forget pumpkin spice anything. Matias J. Ocner

Seriously, go to any Cuban restaurant in Miami, any single one, and the cafe con leche tastes like dreams and angels. They do not require a fake hint of fall. They’re good any time of year.

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Shakes and juices


Get in your car. Drive to any El Palacio de los Jugos. Order yourself a guanabana shake. Or a mamey shake. Or any shake or fresh juice. Pumpkin spice what?

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Latin sodas


What would you rather have on a hot day, a steaming cup of potpourri or a cold, refreshing Iron Beer? Iron Beer FTW. Or substitute your favorite Latin soda, whatever it may be.

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 Local beer


There are too many good Miami craft beers to name them all. But let’s take Concrete Beach’s Bouvalay as an example. The brewery accidentally left it in a fermentation tank during Hurricane Irma. They liked it so much they made more. Yes. Even accidental beer is better than pumpkin spice latte.

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Croqueta juice

Islas croquetas

KIDDING. This does not exist (yet). But you know you would try it if it did.

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