Kevin Cory transforms NAOE sibling into N Shabu Shabu

The sibling of lauded sushi spot NAOE has undergone a transformation and is now N Shabu Shabu, serving a $60 per person not including 20% service charge and sales tax menu featuring Shabu Shabu, “a very lightly cooked communal meal consisting of vegetables and thin slices of real Japanese beef (from Japan)quickly swished (“shabu shabu”) in a steaming light kelp stock. Chef/owner Kevin Cory tells us that this is “Organic wagyu–real beef from Japan, not ‘Kobe-style,’ etc” and the menu features “whichever vegetables, preferably organic, I can get at the moment that are great for shabu shabu. Later we’ll use most, if not all local and organic.” Cory is currently in talks with Paradise Farms who may start harvesting exclusively for him in early January for things “that aren’t being grown down here,” he says. “I shouldn’t have to buy stuff from California when there are already so many farms down here.”

Also on the menu are Cory’s good friend Johnathan Wakefield’s JWB beers. “He used to sit in front of me at the sushi bar way back, since like 2000. I love how dedicated he is to being true to his craft. No extracts, using organic, local. If he wants mango beer, he’s cutting 1,000 pounds of mangos himself.” Cory says he just connected the beer tower and should be receiving the brews this week. 

Reservations are required and accepted only here. For large parties of 9 to 16, email N Shabu Shabu serves lunch only for parties of 8 or more noon to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday and dinner Sunday-Tuesday and Thursday through Saturday from 5:15 p.m. to 10:45 p.m. Dinners for parties of 2 to 16 run from one to two hours at least. Children under 12 aren’t permitted.