Starbucks will now deliver its coffee to you through this app — only in South Florida

Starbucks will begin delivering its coffee in South Florida through UberEATS.
Starbucks will begin delivering its coffee in South Florida through UberEATS.

Forget making that afternoon coffee run. This time, Starbucks is bringing the coffee to you.

More than 100 Starbucks in Miami-Dade and Broward counties will begin delivering their coffee and grab-and-go bites through Uber Eats beginning today, officially. South Florida is the the only market in the United States where Starbucks is testing delivery through Uber Eats.

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But those browsing the Uber Eats app the last few weeks may have seen the option pop up as the ride-share-turned-delivery-company tested getting coffee hot to its customers from about 20 stores. It will now be available from 112 South Florida Starbucks stores.

“It’s something that we’ve been obsessed with,” J.P. Restrepo, general manager for Uber Eats in Florida, said, regarding delivering the coffee hot.

Restrepo said deliveries have taken less than 30 minutes from the time of order. Feedback from customers and by tracking drivers has shown them customers have been happy with how hot the drinks arrive, he said. The option to order Starbucks will only show up on the app if the store is close enough to deliver the coffee hot, he said.

Uber Eats hasn’t been the only delivery company schlepping Starbucks coffee on demand. Starbucks has also been available on the Postmates delivery app.

In their beta testing, Uber Eats says the most popular order has been the caramel frappuccino. So we compared the price of delivering the drinks side-by-side with Postmates on Tuesday.

Starbucks App Screen_Miami_v2

A tall caramel frapuccino from Starbucks costs $5.25 with a $2.49 booking fee and tax for a total of $8.11 before tip. The same drink on Postmates costs $3.95 plus a $6 delivery fee and tax. Orders below $12 are tagged with a $2 “small delivery” fee, bringing the of the drink on Postmates to price to $13.10.

Feeling something hot despite the swelter?

A tall white chocolate moca on Uber Eats was priced at $4.95, plus tax and the booking free, bringing the total to $7.79. The same drink on Postmates, including delivery fee, tax and the small delivery fee, totaled $11.86.

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