What are the best cities for vegans and vegetarians? Miami is one, survey says

Vegan restaurants like Planta on South Beach helped boost Miami's profile in the study.
Vegan restaurants like Planta on South Beach helped boost Miami's profile in the study.

Miami is not the best city for vegans and vegetarians in the country. But it’s far from the worst.

According to a new WalletHub survey, Miami ranks no. 15 out of 100 American cities. The best for vegans and vegetarians is New York. The worst? Baton Rouge, La. That muffaletta addiction finally caught up to you, Baton Rouge.

The survey examined standards such as the cost of groceries for vegetarians, restaurants that serve meatless options and number of salad shops and farmers markets.

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Like it did in a recent survey about the best food cities in America, Miami scored well in the “diversity, accessibility and quality” ranking. But we only got a 53 in the ranking for “vegetarian lifestyle.” Well, if you say so, WalletHub. But earlier this year PETA included Miami in its top 10 vegan-friendly city ranking.

Soul Tavern on Miami Beach serves vegan and vegetarian comfort food.

But take heart, vegans and vegetarians.  Miami was no. 1 in number of vegetable nurseries per capita. It was also in the top five cities with the most juice and smoothie bars.

Two other Florida cities were in the top 20: Orlando at no. 3 and Tampa at no. 12. Scottsdale, Arizona, had the most vegetarian restaurants, and San Francisco has the most farmers markets. Sure. Fine. Whatever. We still have the Key lime shakes at Robert is Here and the Hollywood Yellow Green Market.

Here are the top 20 vegan and vegetarian-friendly cities, according to WalletHub: New York;  Portland, Oregon; Orlando; Seattle; San Francisco; Los Angeles; Austin; Scottsdale, Arizona; San Diego; Las Vegas; Washington, D.C.; Tampa; Chicago; Phoenix; Miami; Atlanta; Anaheim, California; Nashville; Houston; Madison, Wisconsin.