South Beach sushi pop-up Prey puts invasive species on the menu at 1 Hotel & Homes

Detox and retox on the 1 Hotel rooftop in South Beach.
Detox and retox on the 1 Hotel rooftop in South Beach.

Lionfish sashimi. Asian carp ribs. Feral hog puerco imperialismo. Fried kudzu weed kimchi. Crickets in brie cheese.

That’s just a taste of the menu coming to Prey, a monthlong pop-up on the 1 Hotel & Homes rooftop in South Beach helmed by chef Bun Lai. The restaurant will be open Feb. 24 through March 25 (see hours below).

Bun is chef-owner of Miya’s, his family’s second-generation restaurant in New Haven, Connecticut. Miya’s is regarded as the world’s first sustainable sushi restaurant.

Prey will be the first time Miami diners will have a chance to eat Bun’s brand of eco-conscious eating, with a menu focused on invasive species that disrupt the environment and food chain.

“It’s not enough to make food that is tasty and beautiful,” Bun says. “Food must also nourish and revitalize our bodies and souls, while helping restore balance to our profoundly suffering planet.”

Many of the ingredients Bun plans to hunt, fish and forage for himself when he arrives in Florida. His dishes can be paired with 1 Hotel’s signature cocktails or with sakes infused with foraged berries and plants.

Prey will feature an a la carte menu with appetizers and sushi priced from $8 to $18 and larger plates $24 to $45. Tasting menus will be available for $85 and $150, and a late-night menu of sushi rolls and other finger foods is $8 to $22.

Prey’s hours, starting Feb. 24: Dinner 6-11 p.m. and late-night lounge and sushi 11 p.m.-2 a.m. Wednesday-Saturday and dinner 6-10 p.m. and late-night lounge and sushi 10 p.m.-midnight Sunday and Tuesday. Email for reservations.