These delicious chocolates pack a surprise: They’re vegan and kosher

Bon Chocolatier's chocolate gift sets are displayed in a rainbow of hues, like a watercolor set.
Bon Chocolatier's chocolate gift sets are displayed in a rainbow of hues, like a watercolor set.

The new confectionary shop on the Bay Harbor Islands is aptly named Bon Chocolatier: Here’s where to find good chocolates made with high quality ingredients.

That the truffles and fruit jellies are vegan and kosher is a plus, but taste comes first. If you have been disappointed by vegan chocolate, this will amaze. Owners Yoann and Deborah Andreu are from Paris where they learned chocolate-making skills from master chocolatiers in France and Belgium. After visiting friends in Miami, they relocated to Bay Harbor Islands last year. It took months to source the best ingredients. From the sidewalk, peer into the window to see the “factory” where the Belgian chocolate is tempered. Almond milk is used to add smoothness to the balanced, rich dark chocolate profile—not too sweet and no bitterness. A rabbi comes unannounced once a week to inspect the refrigerator and kitchen.

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Bon Chocolatier's chocolates, such as this chocolate menorah, are vegan and kosher.

The couture chocolates can be customized with personal greetings or corporate logos. The contents within the simple boxes shine.

You’ll want to try the creative truffles or select a box to give. They resemble a water color kit with rows of rainbow colors. Then a chocolate shell is poured into a mold tray and cooled in the chocolate cellar. Next the soft filling is piped in and the whole mold covered in a sheet of chocolate that becomes the bottom of the bonbon when tapped out of the molds.

Chocolate-covered pretzels are dusted in cinnamon and ginger at Bon Chocolatier

Flavors include pistachio, raspberry ginger, mango with cayenne, jasmine rose, puffed quinoa praline, gianduja pure hazelnut, crunchy salted peanut butter, strawberry thyme, basil lemon and Guatemala coffee. There are also chocolate lollipops decorated with sprinkles and mini marshmallows, strawberry bark, bars and chocolate-covered orange peel, large and small balls of hazelnut praline and almond brittle coated in dark chocolate.

You’ll be begging for French Mendicants, topped with candied orange peel and whole roasted hazelnuts, pistachios and almond. They resemble a round stained glass church window.

Try These Fruit Jellies

Bon Chocolatier also makes assorted fruit jellies.

Pate de fruits are cut in squares the traditional way with a metal guitar string and rolled in coarse sanding sugar. Called fruity paradise here, they are made from purees of fruit and berries cooked over high heat until the mixture starts to set.

Flavors are intense with a bit of acid keeping them from being cloying. They are also coated in dark chocolate with cocoa butter transfers. The pattern used here is a typography map. Flavors include pineapple, mango, raspberry, strawberry and black currant infused with French lavender. They resemble jewels and are soft and melt with a bit of chew like a pure fruit gummy.

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Bon Chocolatier

Address: 1001 Kane Concourse, Bay Harbor Islands

Contact: 305-397-8159,

Hours: Monday-Thursday 10:30 a.m.-7 p.m., Sunday noon-6 p.m.

Prices: Truffle boxes $22-$104 or $2 each, pate de fruits $1.50 each or 30 for $28, chocolate covered jellies 12 for $28, bars $6, chocolate specialties box $68, enrobed orange peels $22

F.Y.I. Products, including gift boxes, can be shipped by FedEx nationwide and internationally in special cooler bags with bubble wrap protecting the contents.