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What’s on the menu at this South Beach lounge? A bottle and a hotel room

This new lounge in the former Radio Bar space channels old school South Beach glamour.
This new lounge in the former Radio Bar space channels old school South Beach glamour. Handout

Yes, yes, when people talk about the halcyon nights of South Beach, it’s like great grandpa talking about The War, or walking to school in the snow.

It makes us sound old. We know.

And then turn on Netflix to watch the Studio 54 documentary about the penultimate in nightlife and cue the nostalgic feels for the nights of unbridled hedonism, shameless, shallow starf**kery and heinous hangovers.

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While that brand of boogie nights may indeed be history now, you have to give some people credit for trying to make fetch happen.

Take Sophie’s, for instance, the latest incarnation in the South of Fifth space formerly known as Radio Bar, which opened during Art Basel and is currently attracting a crowd of cool kids and even some celebs not in the mood for the masses in The Club. These partygoers yearn for a lithe, lounge-y vibe reminiscent of the high-end Parisian boites of the early ‘90s -- you know, the good old days of South Beach.

ashl038-017 (1).jpg
There’s the chandelier, in case you want to hang from it. Handout

The lounge’s MO as listed on their Facebook page, is to “#MakeSoBeDopeAgain.”

According to a rep, Sophie’s is “known for its interactive drinks and clientele of models, locals and influencers,” so right there you know it’s a product of the 2019s.

And Sophie’s wants to keep its “celebrity guest visits hush,” but they can say that Sports Illustrated models, musicians/rappers and leading actors in acclaimed TV shows and movies have already checked out this hot spot.”

Um, ok. But will you?

If you can throw down some cash for the “Let’s Get a Room,” an order that comes with a hotel room at Urbanica Hotel and a bottle of Prosecco at a “discounted rate of $190.”

Maybe just a regular drink will do.

A bottle of Prosecco and a hotel room are on the menu at Sophie’s. Handout


814 1st St., Miami Beach; 305-318-7745