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Kreepy Tiki Tattoos and the Monterey Club

At Kreepy Tiki Tattoos and The Monterey Club, you can get a tattoo, grab a beer, listen to live music and maybe even sit down for a slick haircut. Both businesses are in the same Fort Lauderdale building on U.S. 1..

You may think you’ve mistakenly made it to a surf shop the first time you visit Kreepy Tiki. A huge, hand-carved tiki greets customers, the walls are covered in bamboo, hula dancing dolls line the shelves and bathing suits as well as T-shirts are for sale. However, turn the corner and you’ll see two tattoo stations, both most likely in use. Walk down a hallway to the back room and you’ll hear something you probably wouldn’t expect from an establishment frequented by tough-looking, tattooed men and women. Songs by Sinatra, Louie Prima, and Ella Fitzgerald flow from hidden speakers. It’s the choice of the shop owner Jaksin Valiente, a.k.a. Kreepy Jaksin. He’s one of the seven tattoo artists here and the music compliments his old school, pinup technique of tattooing. Fedoras, early model electric guitars and framed photos of infamous gangsters like Bugsy Siegal decorate the walls of the shop’s backroom. Costumers await their turn to be inked while flipping through magazines from the comforts of retro-looking lounge chairs. Every other Wednesday night, master stylist Danny Garcia cuts hair. He specializes in traditional business cuts, pompadours and every type of hairdo in between. The adjoining Monterey Club features swing dancing and a live swing band on Wednesday night and rockabilly, metal, punk, ska and hard-core bands rock the place Thursday through Sunday. The elevated stage is adjacent to the bar and you can relax in comfy couches while .waiting your turn at the pool table. The Monterey Club is named for Rob Stannard’s 1949 Mercury Monterey and pictures of classic cars and pin-up girls cover the cranberry-colored walls. Rob and his brother Craig opened the bar a year and a half ago and book cutting edge bands. In this unusual setting, club goers are lining up to get in. And you don’t need a tattoo to fit in.