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Get a show from Dita Von Teese

Queen of the strip tease, Dita Von Teese to give a LIVE performance at LIV,  Saturday, Dec. 5th!  It’s no mystery this American born bombshell has a fascination with the glitz and glam of the 1940’s era.  Embracing her love of the Big Bang Era and the glamour of the classic cinema and retro style, Dita Von Teese has brought back the grander and sex appeal of the Golden Hollywood Era.  Over the years this sexy siren has become an international burlesque star and has reminded us of the power of a little strip tease.  


Born in Rochester, Michigan, the middle child of 3 sisters, Dita was always enamored with the allure of the Golden Era.  She was a performer at heart; classically trained in ballet, and performing solo’s by the age of 13 for a local ballet company, she was well on her way to stardom. 


Her pin-up look landed her plenty of glamour and fetish photo shoots; she’s been featured on the cover of Bizzare, Marquis, and has appeared in Playboy more then once.  She’s erotic, classy, and knows how to tease.  Her performances are known worldwide.  She’s taking it back; getting inspiration from the originators of the burlesque, Dita’s show is not just a strip tease; it’s a sensual theatrical performance.  Incorporating feathers, gloves, umbrellas, hand fans, and more; Dita’s show is full of excitement and just the right amount of skin to get you all hot and bothered.


This Saturday, December 5th, Michael Capponi and Michael Martin invite you to witness a one of a kind performance as Burlesque sultress, Dita Von Teese, gives a little strip tease.  Sounds for the evening will be provided by DJ Mitch LJ.   RSVP for this event is available and strongly suggested.  LIV is the premiere nightclub on South Beach and there is always a mob hoping to get in, if you don’t want to be left behind the velvet ropes, get there early and definitely dress to impress, no sloppy dressers allowed.  Prepare to be tempted, don’t miss out on Dita Von Teese!.