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One night stand: Favela Chic @ Mokai

Favela Chic at Mokai does what no other party on South Beach can do: transport partygoers to an uninhibited, sexy and sophisticated fiesta in Rio de Janeiro. The relaxed yet undeniably sexy Brazilian jeito, or way of doing things, that reigns supreme on Tuesdays here serves as the driving force behind this popular fete.

“We have the most beautiful crowd in Miami,” said Mokai owner Nicola Siervo. “The night is successful because the local crowd that comes out on Tuesdays has this great energy.” Celebs like Pharrell Williams, Scott Storch, Owen Wilson, Enrique Iglesias and night queen Paris Hilton can regularly be seen sipping on caipirinhas at this affair.

Speaking of caipirinhas, this and other popular cocktails will set you back $14, but it’s well worth it, as this Brazilian party juice is a perfect blend of sugarcane, rum and lime. Signature house drinks like the Kiwi Martini, Oahu Breeze and the new Pumpkin Martini are also good ways to loosen up.

DJ Ross One plays an inspiring combination of hip hop, rock, house and baile funk, a hyper-addictive genre of music born in the favelas of Rio De Janeiro inspired by American funk legends like James Brown, traditional samba and, oddly enough, the Miami Bass sound of the ’80s. The melodic conglomeration has taken off in discos all over Brazil (and the rest of the world) and will surely keep you on your feet until 5 a.m. DJ AM regularly comes through to shake things up, while live entertainment and drumming also adds spice to the party.

How do you get in? $20 at the door will usually do the trick, and for those who plan ahead, table reservations can be made for a 2 bottle minimum. Don’t forget your friends.

Mokai, 235 23rd St, Miami Beach; 305-695-0288

Published: 6/08