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Go Drink This: Thelma and Louise


The drink: Thelma and Louise

The price: $13

The story: Design nerds and cocktail geeks will rejoice upon first glance at La Moderna’s creative and quirky menu. The signature drinks at this Roman import come with an extra dose of storytelling to set the mood. In the case of the nostalgic “Thelma and Louise,” it’s a tale of two opposing characters— “the unhappy Thelma and the strong-willed Louise, both in search of adventure.” For a match made in ‘90s movie heaven, hibiscus-infused Aperol is paired with Brugal Extra Dry Rum and spiked with fresh strawberries, coconut soda water, and Prosecco. The Fruit Roll-Up-style garnish is another ode to that legendary decade, but La Moderna’s, well, more modern rendition of the popular snack is house-made.  

Where to find it: La Moderna, 1874 Bay Rd., Miami Beach.