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Go Drink This: Blood Orange Mojito


The drink: Blood Orange Mojito

The price: $13

The story: Miami is overflowing with rum this weekend as the 7th annual Rum Renaissance Festival kicks off near the airport– at a hotel large enough to accommodate thousands of rum experts, industry professionals, and enthusiasts decked in their finest tropical duds. If a trip to MIA is not on your itinerary, a tiny outdoor oasis in the heart of North Beach has you covered. The Blood Orange Mojito at Lou’s Beer Garden is a seasonal special featuring ridiculously juicy blood oranges (only in season through May) paired with Caña Brava rum made in Panama using local sugar cane from the land surrounding the distillery. The relatively dry and grassy rum, aged for three years and distilled about five times, complements the intensely sweet and tart flavors of the blood orange. Another highlight: To make it a mojito, the bartenders at Lou’s muddle bright and fleshy red oranges with fresh limes and mint sourced from Florida farms.

Where to find it: Lou’s Beer Garden, 7337 Harding Ave., Miami Beach.