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The Forge brings back its famed Wednesday night party

Forging Back

Not all history has to be a mistake, Santayana, which is why Shareef Malnik has decided to resurrect from the glittery past The Forge’s famed, storied, sizzling, scintillating Wednesday night bacchanal beginning at 9 p.m. Wednesday, April 22 featuring what promises to be an eclectic mix of old, new, nip, tuck, now and then.

On the turntables is Pierre Zon Zon, who back in the day used to be taking paparazzi shots of celebs arriving out front of The Forge, and hosting the night is the always dapper Laurent Bourgade. As for why now, Malnik told us, “The party went on for 16 years. I only stopped when I closed to renovate and thought everyone had enough of the Wednesday party. For the last 5 years, everyone’s been asking for it, so we decided to do it. Back by popular demand.”

And while Malnik admits “My days have passed to do this personally,” he assures us that the party will be nothing short of pomp and circumstance. “I want it to be the A-list so I brought in the A-team from South Beach to oversee it,” Malnik said.