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Go Drink This: Gin & Tonic(s)


The drink: Gin & Tonic(s)

The price: From $12 – $14 each

The story: Spaniards can’t get enough of the effervescent gin and tonic, a seemingly simple highball cocktail they unabashedly complicate with botanical tonics, fresh fruit, herbs, and other aromatic accessories in giant wine goblets. At Barceloneta, South Beach’s version of a Catalan tapas bar, there’s an impressive list of 10 G&Ts made with gins to please every palate.    

Take your pick, and take an Uber:

Clasico Martin Miller’s gin with grated lime zest

Martin Miller’s gin with flamed orange zest, Amarena cherries (bitter Italian dark cherries)

Hendrick’s gin with cucumber, mint, spicy-sweet guindilla peppers (of the Basque region)

Citadelle gin with fresh grapefruit, nutmeg

Not a Gin Tonic with Ransom Old Gin, ginger ale, basil, citrus twist

Fifty Pounds gin with fresh pineapple, star anise

Plymouth gin with muddled strawberries, black pepper

Farmer’s Organic gin with muddled blueberries, mint, St. Germain

G’Vine with muddled grapes, pomegranate seeds

Bayswater gin with fresh rosemary, lemon twist, Indi Tonic (from Spain)

Where to find it: Barceloneta, 1400 20th St., Miami Beach.