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This hot new Wynwood bar is reviving a Miami nightlife tradition

If you’re hip, cool and on top of things, you’ve already been to rácket in Wynwood. The bar boasts a fancy accent and lowercase spelling plus a tiki-inspired rum and tequila bar courtesy of the same folks who gave us Drunken Dragon restaurant and Foxhole bar.

We had to ask: the accent mark on the name, they tell us, is “purely aesthetic.” The place is pronounced just like the thing you play tennis with or the noise you make when you discover a cool new Wynwood watering hole.

atrium bar
The Atrium Bar at racket

The crazy, kitschy, cool spot features a pool table and jukebox as well as a curated selection of cocktails and beers. It also does day drinking, open daily from 1 p.m. until 3 a.m. Tuesday nights it throws back to the late, great ’90s with a reboot of the late, great DJ Mark Leventhal’s one-nighter, Home Cookin’, which started back in 1994 at the late, great Groove Jet. If you have to ask, you’re too young. But you are still invited, obviously.

And while Leventhal is spinning Hall & Oates and Mary Jane Girls mashups in that great big disco in the sky, the team behind rácket is the same team that created the original event. Expect free barbecue and the original Hostesss with the Mostess, drag legend Shelley Novak.

Shelley Novak
Shelley Novak

The party starts at 10 p.m., but more importantly, the free barbecue and open bar go from 10 p.m. until midnight. Yes, open bar. Free food. What more could you ask for besides a huge helping of nostalgia?

Novak agrees.

“What a great party!  Warm feelings everywhere as the new beautiful people of Wynwood mingle with the old-school crowd that used to go to Groove Jet in the original Home Cookin’ circa 1998. All the old faces you’d expect, like Conrad [Gomez] and Angel [Febres] and yours truly, Shelley Novak. Home Cookin’ is now a grown up gangsta boy on the grill mingling with the new sexy Wynwood crowd.”

Tuesday night’s debut also featured another Leventhal connection.

“It was extremely heartwarming to see Mark Leventhal’s grown sons at the party,” Novak added. “Everything has gone full circle. I dare you to find a better night out. When’s the last time somebody fed you a home cooked burger while you enjoyed it at an open bar? I think it was 1998!”


150 NW 24th St., Miami

150 NW 24th St., Miami