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DJ Tracy Young hosts the Official 'Rebel Heart' Album Release Event at Story in Miami

Miami party people and dance music fans know and love Tracy Young for her years of spinning the best beats at the best clubs, including her annual Genesis party on New Year’s Day at Mansion.

But people all over the world know Young for her close ties to Madonna, whom she met at Liquid in the late ‘90s, and who then hand-picked her to DJ at her wedding to Guy Ritchie in Scotland. Young went on to remix 10 of Madonna’s hits, among dozens of other artists including Cher, Cyndi Lauper, Katy Perry and Gloria Estefan.

On Saturday morning at Story in Miami Beach, you can catch Young in her element, presiding over the Genesis “Official Madonna Rebel Heart Album Release Event,” with Madonna’s stamp of approval, of course. It will be one of the last Genesis events, as Young has just announced her retirement from club life and touring.

Young talked to about the show, why she’s ready to hang up her headphones, and all things Madonna.

Is there a chance Madonna will show up?

I can’t really say if she’s coming or not, but obviously, we would love to have her. Everybody always wants to know: “Is she coming? Is she coming?” [laughs] When she’s shown up at the Roxy in New York, it could never be announced, for security reasons. But as of now, there’s no confirmation.

Still good friends with her?

Yeah – I support Madonna in whatever she does. I mean, she’s done so much for me, and we kind of ebb and flow in and out of each other’s lives, I guess, but I’m always here supporting her. I love her new album, and I’m excited because I have that Genesis brand, and it’s gonna be at Story for the first time after being at Mansion for the past 12 or 13 years. And it’s even more special because I’m retiring.

What can people expect from the event – are you going to spin the whole album, do special remixes, or what?

We have giveaways, and yes, there will be special remixes, mashups, exclusives, and surprises, some of which I can’t reveal. And we’re just gonna make it real special, because [Madonna] deserves it.

Will it be all Madonna music?

No, no – I have Chris Cox, who’s one half of Thunderpuss, so there’ll be a lot of Madonna sprinkled through. I have local Kidd Madonny, who used to do decorations for Junior Vasquez back in the day. He’s gonna be helping out. But it’s just celebrating Madonna time. And you know Madonna loves Miami, and Miami loves Madonna [laughs].

What kinds of giveaways are there?

There’ll be stickers, T-shirts, CD singles – it’s all Madonna memorabilia. I even have some stuff from previous release parties that I’ve done that I’m gonna bring.

The new album is pretty club-friendly, with Avicii, Diplo and even Kanye West pitching in.

Yeah, it is. It seems like lyrically and musically she’s really, really found her way. I think people have always loved Madonna, because everybody can relate to one song or the other, and “Living For Love” is one of those songs where love conquers all, and we’ve all been there. And it seems musically, she’s in a really good place in her life.

What’s your favorite thing about Madonna?

The Brit Awards! She fell, and she gets right back up. That was so symbolic of the 30 years that she’s been doing this, you know? She fell and she got right back up and finished the performance. I don’t know many people who would be able to do that. I mean, it looked like the wind got knocked out of her and everything – you could tell. She’s unbelievable to me – she’s a true fighter and a true role model for a lot of people, not to take no for an answer and to keep going.

Why are you retiring?

It’s time! All these DJs – they just kind of fizzle out, and this will be my final tour. I’m still gonna DJ, but I’d like to be more in Miami. I just don’t wanna be on the road – every weekend I’m on an airplane. And I’m halfway through my life, and I wanna enjoy it! [laughs]. It’s time to slow down and let these little kids do what they can do. And I would love to go back into radio full-time – I’ve been working on that. I’ve been interviewing, and have had a couple good meetings. So I’m not going anywhere – I’m just not gonna be in a club every weekend. I don’t wanna be in a DJ booth when I’m 50 or 60 years old – that’s not a good look! [laughs]

What station would you be on?

I guess I should say whoever makes the best offer [laughs]. I’m talking to a few stations.

Name some of the highlights of your club career in Miami.

Level, when Cyndi Lauper sang at my birthday party and [Party] 93.1 hosted it – it was the Gerry Kelly event. Liquid – I mean, come on. Bar Room. Groove Jet was fun. Amnesia, which is now Story, which is cool, because I haven’t played that space since it was Amnesia, and it was outside. There are just so many good memories I’ve had.