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Go Drink This: I Rock Ruff & Stuff

Go Drink This

The drink: “I Rock Ruff & Stuff” by Robert Ferrara

The price: $12

The story: Afrohead dark rum from exclusive Harbour Island in The Bahamas is Robert Ferrara’s current muse at The Rum Line, where his stirred cocktail “I Rock Ruff & Stuff” is now available. Ferrara says the booze-forward drink’s name comes straight from a hip hop song titled “Afro Puffs” by The Lady of Rage in the ’90s. The rum begins with sugarcane molasses from the West Indies that’s fermented using a 100-year-old strand of yeast, proprietary to Trinidad, imparting banana and toffee notes before a seven-year aging process in charred bourbon oak barrels. These two key flavors are amplified by the Ancho Reyes chile pepper liqueur, the mole bitters, and Ferrara’s cinnamon syrup while the Mandarine Napoleon adds more depth. A tribute to Bahamian culture, women, and the first Miss Bahamas from 1963 is featured squarely on the bottle’s label.

Where to find it: The Rum Line, 1601 Collins Ave., Miami Beach.