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Go Drink This: Grand Dad's Breakfast


The drink: “Grand Dad’s Breakfast” by Bryan Canales

The price: $12

The story: Celebrate the first week of fall at Radio Bar with bartender Bryan Canales as he unveils “Grand Dad’s Breakfast” alongside a new list of imaginative signature cocktails. This autumnal drink features a high rye bourbon dubbed Old Grand-Dad, cranberry, house-made Fruity Pebbles orgeat, fresh citrus, orange aromatics, an apple bubble reduction, and fresh mint. First, Fruity Pebbles cereal is soaked in Canales’ orgeat, a rich almond syrup, to make a tropical-style hunch punch. Then, this playful orgeat is used to create the apple bubble reduction with the help of Colombian apple-flavored soda. The result: a tribute to the delicious leftover milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl.

Where to find it: Radio Bar, 814 1st St., Miami Beach. Available Sunday, Sept. 21.