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Go Drink This: Bellini at Cipriani Miami


The drink: Bellini

The price: $17

The story: This legendary drink burst on the scene in Venice shortly after Giuseppe Cipriani opened the doors to Harry’s Bar near Piazza San Marco in 1931. His Bellini has transcended time with its frosty and frothy combination of rose-colored peach elixir and very dry Prosecco. In the beginning, a man at Harry’s would spend his days cutting and pitting small white peaches and squeezing them with his hands to extract the juice before forcing it through a sieve. It was a seasonal drink then, but now Cipriani is able to source premium frozen white peach puree (never yellow peaches) from France to serve its most popular drink year-round at every location, including Miami. The cold puree is mixed in a shaker with cold Prosecco and then poured into a well-chilled glass with about a quarter inch of foam on top. The beautiful Bellini actually didn’t have a name until 1948 when Giuseppe christened it in honor of the Renaissance artist Giovanni Bellini during an exhibition of his paintings in Venice. 

Where to find it: Cipriani Downtown Miami, 465 Brickell Ave., CU1 or ground floor of “Icon Brickell,” Miami.