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These Ocean Drive cocktails scream ‘I’m a tourist!’ (but you should still give them a chance)

Mangoes take the tropical cocktail drink to another level.
Mangoes take the tropical cocktail drink to another level.

The mayhem of Memorial Day weekend is upon the Magic City and the droves of tourists will be descending on some of South Beach’s most famed drinking and party destinations. These wild and ‘not-to-be-missed’ spots are just some of our favorite tourist traps (as defined by the fact that there is likely an attractive woman trying to lure you inside). But they are ready to deliver gallon-size cocktails of all colors and tropical flavors, which is pretty much why most people are here anyway. So get ready for some Instagram-worthy party snaps sure to clog all your jealous friends’ feeds.

Sugar Factory

Lollipop Passion Goblet- sugar factory
The Lollipop Passion Goblet at Sugar Factory is a tropical miracle.

Want to know what the Miami Tropics tastes like? Pop into the Sugar Factory and dare to order the ‘Lollipop Passion Goblet’ made with a  mix of citrus vodka, coconut, melon, sour mix, pineapple and a splash of Sprite. It’s finished with candy lollipop and – wait for it – dry ice. This celebrity hotspot counts Pitbull and Kylie Jenner as fans and has a massive sweets outpost right on Ocean Drive that doubles as a trendy brasserie and candy shop. Share it with a friend, trust me.

1144 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach; 305-604-0323

1144 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

Wet Willie's

Wet Willies' icees are not for the kids.

Always a Ocean Drive crowd pleaser, Wet Willie’s is sardine packed with some frozen fruity goodness that comes in every size and flavor. With names like Call a Cab (their strongest drink with 190 grain alcohol and Bacardi Rum) and Shock Treatment (it’s not your mother’s blue lemonade), you better have that Uber app at your finger tips. If you’re watching your beach body, try their Naked Willie with sugar free punch and lots of Bacardi Rum.

760 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach, 305-532-5650

760 Ocean Drive, Miami

Mango's Tropical Cafe

Mangoes take the tropical cocktail drink to another level.

Cabarets, carnavals and cocktails are just some of the extravagant, over-the-top entertainment you’ll find at this iconic South Beach restaurant and bar with the longest running cabaret in the country. Throw back some popular concoctions like their famous mojitos (ahem, coconut mojito). Get your fly girl on and join the dancers for a round of salsa and bachata on the dance floor (or on top of the bar). Stay for Mango’s dinner and show, Miami Beach’s most celebrated and festive nightly entertainment. Feather boas not included.

900 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach; 305-673-4422

900 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

Ocean's Ten

Anibal Roa andSilvana Delgado are about to tackle The Famous Bulldog at Ocean's Ten.

Remember that ginormous margarita drink with the two Corona long necks buried inside it? You can find it right here, at Ocean Drive eatery Ocean’s Ten. The 55-ounce frozen Margarita with two beers, appropriately dubbed The Famous Bulldog, is not for a rookie drinker (remember Snooki?). Grab one of the outside tables and watch yourself become an instant meme.

960 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach; 305-604-1999

960 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

The Clevelander

The Clevelander's fruity cocktails scream "I am on vacation!!!"

The masses in bikinis flock to this Art Deco tourist hotspot located smack in the middle of the South Beach strip. If you come here, you’re coming to party. Beat the heat with some umbrella drinks like Piña Coladas and Miami Vices all while people watching at the hotel’s pool and patio, which offers three cocktail bars and a live DJ spinning tracks from morning to night. Feel free to jump in the pool. Clothes optional.

1020 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach; 305-532-4002

1020 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach