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One Night Stand: Skyline Lounge

Grand opening of Skyline Bar and Lounge on Miami Beach. Photo: Jipsy
Grand opening of Skyline Bar and Lounge on Miami Beach. Photo: Jipsy

Who says you can’t get access to the airport lounge without a first class ticket?  MIA passengers are welcome at Skyline Lounge, the newly opened Washington spot that has taken the club scene to new heights, giving a whole new name to airsick.  The plane-inspired nightclub, conveniently parked next to Heathrow (coincidence?), is the brainchild of Big Apple based Wilson Reynoso. “Miami is a dynamic city with its own sub-culture,” Reynoso saud. “It’s this very uniqueness that drew and inspired me to bring my New York concept to South Beach.”

Once through the jetway (arriving an hour before the club’s midnight “take off” time is recommended in order to fly through security), the detailed replica will literally blow you away. The bar itself is made out of a DC-9 wing, complete with two large spinning turbines, inevitably coaxing passengers to start their drinking engines. Keeping with the theme, flight attendants are there to cater to each passenger, serving up signature cocktails and appetizers – and we’re not talking peanuts. Instead of tomato juice or diet coke, think Turbulence Drink and the High Jack shots and instead of chicken or fish, Chef Gianetti dishes out potstickers, tuna tataki and quesadilla rolls. When the fasten seat belt sign goes on, or you’ve just had one too many High Jack shots, pick one of the many window or aisle seats lining the cabin complete with tables and even a circular porthole with a black and white photo of a specific landing destination. Don’t like the city you’re traveling to?  Move a table over for a new view.

The crowd, like a flight, is a mix of coach and business class mostly in its 20s. And first class seating is also available offering a private area with bottle service (from stewardesses, of course) for the 30-something high rollers. Not to mention, overhead compartments line the entire venue so that lady passengers can stash their purses (just be careful, items may shift depending on how many cocktails consumed). And of course, every plane has a pilot – in this case, it’s the DJ spinning an eclectic blend of R&B and House from the cockpit of the replica nose of the plane on the dance floor.

“People are always fascinated with airplanes,” continues Reynoso. And who doesn’t want to join the Mile High Club?

Skyline Bar and Lounge, 645 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 305.672.0747